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Our mission is to create smart content and messaging that connects the media and influencers with our clients' brands to boost exposure while strengthening brand integrity and awareness.


Media Coaching

•  Tell stories that are memorable and meaningful

•  Feel confident during interviews

•  Create a conversation

•  Exercise control

•  Convey important messages

•  Position you as authoritative

•  Interview simulations

Media Relations

•  Intrigue. Inspire. Influence.
•  Connect brands to top publications locally and nationwide
•  Targeted outreach
•  Compelling storytelling
•  Editorial forecasting
•  Copy writing


Press Trips

•  Set up face-to-face meetings with key decision makers in top tier media outlets

•  Hand-deliver the product to editors, writers, producers, anchors and reporters

•  Share key messages

•  Increase awareness of the brand

•  Discuss and demonstrate functionality

•  Pitch story ideas/angles

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